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Railroad construction

5 million tons of coal per annum railroad capacity
500 kmline to connect Central Kalimantan and deep sea port at the South Coast of Kalimantan
50 yearsoperational warranty

Blackspace constructs a first private specialty railroad for carrying coal from the company’s mining sites in Central Kalimantan to deep sea port at the South coast of Kalimantan.

The implementation of this project will enable coal mining operations in Central Kalimantan's hard-to-reach area as hauling will be done using more environment-friendly and economically efficient transport as compared to trucking.

The new transport infrastructure would imply not only the further increasing of the length of railroad lines but also the repairing of motor transport routes. The company's plans also contemplate the construction of the sea port at the South coast of Kalimantan.

The company's integrated approach to creating transport infrastructure will facilitate the further development of the regional industry.

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