Location2 license site in Northern Kabaena
Area3,971 ha
Estimated resources525 million tons of ore
Expected production500 thousand tons of ferronickel
Content of nickel in ore1.5-2.2%
Content of nickel in produced ferronickel10%
Planned infrastructureFerronickel manufacturing plants under unique and exclusive technology
Number of processing lines10 lines

In June 2015, Blackspace launched an Indonesian unique ferronickel project on the Kabaena island (Southeast Sulawesi). The company features license plots with a total area exceeding 3,971 hectare for nickel ore mining operations. A ferronickel smelting plant is under construction as part of the ore mining project. 

The process flow charts of the facility's lines to be constructed have been upgraded to meet ground-breaking energy resource conservation and equipment configuration solutions which will allow remarkably cutting investment costs, reducing required human resources and simplifying maintenance.

Environmental aspects, social and economic impact of the project

Apart from ore mining and ferronickel production, Blackspace uses its own resources for upgrading and creating new infrastructure on the Island to be used also for other projects hosted by the region, including government ones. A 6 km water pipeline has been laid to the adjacent village and a 10 km publicly accessible motor road has been created as part of the project. A medical aid station has been arranged by the company's forces for the local community in the port which also provides services to all islanders who need them. The company's short-range plans comprise the creation of another sea port to be capable of handling 10 million tons per annum as well as the installation and maintenance of a mobile healthcare facility. It should be added that the company also plans to finance the erection of a mosque for the local community.

Blackspace makes intensive recruitment efforts among the adult population of adjacent and remote villages. Over 500 workers will be employed for the first two lines of the smelting plant while the next 8 will create jobs for more than 3,000 men. The site features a comfortable camp designed for workers providing accommodations for more than 100 persons by now, including maintenance personnel.

The company is implementing a range of environment protection measures. Environmental conservation and friendliness are among Blackspace's top priorities.