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Nickel production

12%of global nickel reserves are concentrated in Indonesia
40%of global lateritic nickel ore reserves are concentrated in Indonesia
3rd placeIndonesia ranked among
TOP-3 producers of nickel ore in the world

40% of the world resources of high quality nickel ore, which is of strategic importance for the production of stainless steel and alloys, are concentrated in Indonesia.

Significant reserves of high-quality raw material and geographical proximity to the main consumers of nickel products, i.e. Asia, have drawn attention of Blackspace to ferronickel production industry in Indonesia

There are several large projects to develop the deposits of ore with high nickel content (1.5-2.2%) on Kabaena island as well as Sulawesi and Halmahera, and construct up to 60 processing lines. Overall the facilities will be capable of producing 3 million tons of ferronickel per year with nickel content in final product of 10% which is equivalent to 300 thousand tons of nickel. Our development plans are consistent with the state program for development of deeper processing in Indonesia and contributes to the general industrial development of the country.