Genesis II

Location4 license sites in the Gunung Mas district
Sites area 38,000 ha
Estimated resources 200 million tons
Expected production10 million tons per annum
Net calorific value 6,300 Kcal/kg
Planned infrastructure,
Stage 1
Haul road and river port
Planned infrastructure,
Stage 2
Construction of railway and sea port

In March 2016, Blackspace launched a large-scale open-pit coal mining project, Genesis II, in Central Kalimantan, one of the poorest Indonesian regions in terms of infrastructure development. Genesis II is currently the flagship coal mining project of the comapny.

Apart from coal mining, Genesis II uses own resources for upgrading and creating new infrastructure that may also extend to other projects to be implemented in the region, including government ones.

The creation of the railroad to a river port has been launched. Pit auto-roads are being laid. The company's current plans include the construction of a railway hub and renovation of river ports.

Over 135 km of public-access motor roads and 24 motorway bridges are being currently intensively upgraded by Blackspace. Given the fact that in most cases the condition of the road bed is terrifying, roads and other road facilities are repaired virtually from the ground. This work is being done by the company using solely its own funds.

Environmental aspects, social and economic impact of the project

The project is located in Gunung Mas area, literally meaning ‘Gold Mountain’. This place is really a unique one featuring not only high quality mineral wealth but also pristine nature. Blackspace, jointly with the local government's group of activists, assumed obligations to preserve and increase national natural zones. The company is implementing a range of environment protection measures. Environmental conservation and friendliness are among Blackspace's top priorities.

Apart from environmental safety, the company's first priority goals include economic and social support to the local community. The company focuses on adjacent settlements, children education and local employment challenges as well as support primarily to the Kalimantan Island's cultural and spiritual traditions. It should be noted that before launching Genesis II, it took two weeks for the project management and a village's chief and spiritual adviser to pass a special ritual. This act of honouring the ancient people's cultural traditions was essentially a requisite token of respect to the local community which allowed keeping mutual understanding on a permanent basis.

Today, Blackspace makes intensive recruitment efforts among the adult population of adjacent villages and facilitates the payment of salaries to teachers working at a local primary school. It also proactively communicates with local leaders to elaborate the most productive and conflict-free solutions for addressing the both parties' current interests.

Improvement work in connection with the creation of a comfortable camp for project workers is underway. Even now it hosts more than 80 people, including maintenance personnel.

Genesis II project is one of the most promising open-pit high-Btu coal mining projects in the Republic of Indonesia with infrastructural solutions and related social interests being generally supported by the national government.