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Coal production

31 billion tonscoal reserves in Indonesia
105 billion tonscoal resources in Indonesia
75%of coal produced in Indonesia is exported

Blackspace believes in high potential of Indonesian coal industry and especially in several high-quality steam coal mining projects in Central Kalimantan.

Projects cover the entire supply chain – production, processing, transportation and product sales/trading

Major coal mining projects include:

Key benefits are as follows:

  • Substantial resources base
  • Minimum mining works are required, which lowers the cost of exploration and production
  • Negotiating power with subcontractors
  • Central part of Kalimantan Island has the highest quality steam coal in Indonesia 

In the framework of the projects implementation a new transport infrastructure is being considered. It will support further industrial development of the regions rich in minerals.

The company launched a project for construction of the first private specialty railway, Trans Kalimantan Rel Kereta Api (TKRK), that will connect Central Kalimantan and the sea in the South of the islandMoreover, a project for a sea port construction in the South of Kalimantan is also on the agenda.

Mined coal will cover domestic industrial demand in Indonesia, and export needs. It will also be used in production cycles of other projects.

Blackspace is also looking at other opportunities of high-quality steam coal mining in the country.