Our Mission

Blackspace provides project management services to a number of mining and natural resources processing businesses in Southeast Asia. Main focus is on mining of high-quality steam coal and production of ferronickel applying exclusive and unique technology. Company's project pipeline also includes geological exploration and development of manganese.

International team of Blackspace has accumulated many years of experience and highest level of competence in mining and processing

Blackspace core mission is to efficiently use the natural resources while ensuring long-term sustainable development of projects. Our activities will contribute to the continuous development of mining and processing industries in Indonesia and secure country’s leading positions on the global commodity markets. 

Why Indonesia?

  • Rich in mineral deposits
  • Beneficial geographic location: in close proximity to the most promising high-demand markets of Asia
  • Availability of tremendous and experienced manpower
  • Focus on infrastructure and social development
  • Support of local authorities
  • Wide investment opportunities